Invitation to Gala Dong Hanh Singapore

Gala Dong Hanh – Accompany Vietnamese Students, is an opportunity for those working/studying abroad to gather, network and give a hand to underprivileged students in Vietnam. There will be musical shows by local and Vietnamese artists, as well as delicious Vietnamese food (all free of charge).  We cordially invite you to the Gala:

       Time:     6pm to 9pm, January 24 (Sunday)

       Venue:  Active Room, Level 3, SMU Labs,

                     71 Stamford Road, Singapore 178895

Please kindly register for the Gala here

Thank you very much and we hope to meet you soon in the Gala.

Singapore, 10 January 2016

Invitation Gala Dong Hanh_Final

Gala Dong Hanh Poster