Phuc Hau Nguyen – who overcame his struggles

A student in the department of electronics at the Polytechnic Institute of Ho Chi Minh City was chosen by his university to continue his studies in Ukraine. This achievement speaks to the fact that Phuc Hau Nguyen has continued to put all his efforts into his studies without ever giving up, despite difficulties that he has experienced in life. At the moment, Phuc Hau is studying in the preparatory program at the School of Aviation Technology located in the capital of Kiev.


To achieve such a result, Hau put forth a lot of effort. His father died before he was born, so his mother raised him all by herself. Living in a difficult situation, his mother did everything that she could to give him a proper education. Hau has always felt less fortunate than most of his peers, and because of this, he found himself with more problems to overcome. For example, even though it was a 14km journey to and from his school on an old bike, he was almost never absent.


When we asked him about his impressive academic results, he told us with a modest smile, “My results are nothing exceptional. They’re normal.” He told us of his years in primary school and college, where most years he was at the top of his class. In high school, he was selected to compete in an honors mathematics competition for high school students. Later, he passed the entrance exam to the Polytechnic Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, where he specialized in his favorite subject of electronics.


Looking at these results, some might find them commonplace. On the contrary, it is important to remember all that Hau has overcome to be where he is today. It’s not easy for a student in his situation to continue his higher education at a university like the Polytechnic Institute. It is even more difficult to obtain a scholarship to study abroad. It takes a very strong will to persevere, of which Hau certainly possesses and which drives his success.


Having been helped by the Dong Hanh Association, Hau tells us, “I am very touched by the aid given to me by my brothers and sisters at Dong Hanh. Your financial and moral support encouraged me a lot. For me, I not only received a monetary scholarship, but a stronger spirit. I promise to put all my efforts into becoming more like you”.


When Hau knows my intention for this interview, he asks me to convey his gratitude to his “Dong Hanh brothers and sisters”.


Hau’s biggest dream is to travel and discover the world. However, his more immediate goal is to return to Vietnam to apply all he has learned to the aviation industry, which he says is very necessary to the country, which is in need of assistance. At the moment, it’s safe to say that the first part of his dream has been achieved, but it is just the beginning of a long journey. We hope that Hau maintains his confidence and continues to achieve great success in the future.