“Youth is joy, the little bird that has broken out of the egg and is eagerly waiting to spread its wings in the open sky of freedom and hope”. Youth may be considered the most beautiful period in a human life, a period full of hope, dreams, challenges and courage. As a group of students fully aware of the value of our youth, we have been eager to make some real and meaningful contributions to society, especially to our home country – Vietnam!

For years, we have learnt about the stories of bright but poor students in Vietnam. They are almost the same age as us yet have endured some extreme hardship in their lives. They struggle day by day to make both ends meets and to pursue their dreams at university. Yet despite all of these obstacles they have excelled academically.

As we all know, there are a considerable number of high-achievers from deprived backgrounds in a developing countries like Vietnam. There have been some scholarships and financial assistance available to them yet this aid is never enough to help them all. According to a recent report in Vietnam, nowadays the financial burden is still a chief factor that prevents low-income students from excelling at university. Poor students have to work and working takes time away from studying, which can put some potential students on the road to academic probation. Realizing that this situation is quite unfair for our unlucky friends, we are dedicated to providing them with some financial support in order to overcome these challenges. Our hope is that through our support they will be able to achieve their goals and dreams, profiting our home country at large.


We are a community of Vietnamese students in France. Simply put, we find ourselves lucky enough to have received good opportunities in education. Therefore, we want to share this luck to help our friends in difficulty. Since our founding in 2001, DONG HANH Scholarship has offered more than 200 financial scholarships each year for outstanding poor students in 10 prestigious universities in Vietnam. The title of the scholarship, which is also the name of our association, literally means “to be somebody’s fellow-traveler in a journey” in Vietnamese. Our mission is thus to provide scholarship programs in support of our friends who share with us a thirst for knowledge and a desire to pursue the journey of academic excellence.

We are doing our best to help our fellow citizens and we would greatly appreciate your help. Your support will go a long way building a bright future for the next generations in Vietnam.