Our sponsorships

We are deeply grateful for all the generous, ongoing support from many associations and individual sponsors. This support has enabled us to run a smooth operation and to offer Vietnamese students hundreds of scholarships every year.

  • AIVF – L’Association des Informaticiens Vietnamiens de France (Association of Vietnamese Computer Sicentists in France): It is the first association who helped us to get our ideas of founding a student-to-student scholarship off the ground. Our sponsors in AIVF have been always by our side over the past years, guiding, advising and supporting us both mentally and financially.
  • Amicale Marie-Curie: Since 2002, this association has offered 10 scholarships each year.
  • UJVF – l’Union des Jeunes vietnamiens de France (Union of Vietnamese Youth in France) : Since 2003, UJVF and DONG HANH have officially became partners. UJVF has not only supported us financially but has also participated actively in such activities as examining and selecting the applications, organizing DONG HANH’s birthdays, staging Tet Holiday Festivals, teaching Vietnamese students, fund-raising, etc. To this day, UJVF has always been a “close friend” of DONG HANH.
  • Amicale Blaise Pascal: Since 2004, Amicale Blaise Pascal has always helped us a great deal, especially in awarding the scholarships to students in Danang.
  • UEVF – l’Union des étudiants vietnamiens en France (Union of Vietnamese students in France): For some recent years, DONG HANH has been the coordinator of UEVF in such activities as Lunar New Year Festivals, New Student Welcome Days. In the 2008-2009 academic year, thanks to UEVF, DONG HANH succeeded in spreading their activities to many local student unions, which attracted more people to join us.
  • “Golden Heart” Fund, which was founded by Vietnamese students in Grenoble, has been our sponsor since 2002. This fund is mostly involved in offering scholarships to students from Danang Univesity of Technology.
  • Foundation AIGO for Education in Vietnam: The mission of this foundation is to promote education in Vietnam by building many public schools and boarding schools in the central region of Vietnam. Foundation AIGO became our partner by introducing our members and our programs in their Gala at École Polytechnique in 2009.
  • Fondation Vallet, founded by Odon Vallet, has awarded many scholarships to the brightest Vietnamese students. In the academic year of 2010-2011, Foundation Vallet became DONG HANH’s official partner.
  • UGVF – – l’Union Général des Vietnamiens de France (General Union of Vietnamese in France), has provided us with strong back-up for a legal status in France.

Besides, DONG HANH has also received many supports from Culture-Loisirs Association, from École Polytechnique’s ASK (Social Action of Kès), from a group of Vietnamese students who study Civil Engineering in France, and from more than 200 individuals all around the world. Every donation, whether big or small, has contributed to the success of our scholarship, and greatly deserves our profound gratitude.