Gala Dong-Hanh, June 14, 2009

On 14th June 2009, we are launching “Colours of Vietnam” – our first ever charity gala to promote Vietnamese culture to the Parisian community as well as the Vietnamese diaspora in France. The event will be featuring graceful Vietnamese traditional music, songs and dances representing the rich culture and history of Vietnam. The proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorship will be allocated towards even more scholarships to get inspiring Vietnamese youths through university times.

Date : June 14th, 2009, 15h00 – 18h00

Venue: Amphithéâtre Poincaré, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 PALAISEAUX, FRANCE
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Program of « colours of Vietnam » – Gala Đồng Hành

i) Traditional music and dances, interpreted by the well-known artists, singers and musicians like Thi Mai, Lê Đức, Hồng Yến, Vân Anh.

  • Chim sáo ngày xưa – Lê Đức
  • Độc tấu đàn tranh – Vân Anh
  • Gió đánh đò đưa – Song ca Lê Đức- Thi Mai:
  • Múa hương xưa – Hồng Yến
  • Tam tấu lý hoài xưa – Vân Anh, Kim Hương Jacqueline
  • Lý bóng mai – Thi Mai
  • Lý ngựa ô – Thi Mai
  • Quê nhà (Trần Tiến) – Quốc Việt
  • Chuyện kể già làng (đàn Goong) – Nam
  • Tiếng trống mừng Xuân (đàn Goong + trống) – Nam

ii) Photo exhibition: “Vietnam – my country” & “I’m vietnamese student”

iii) Tasting Vietnamese dishes

Ticket: 12€/person; 9€ if reserve in advance

To reserve your place, please drop an email to [email protected] or contact

  • At the Ecole Polytechnique: Nguyễn Kim Sơn, 0648283747
  • In Paris – La Défense: Đào Thị Thu Hà, 0659437673
  • In Paris – Cité Universitaire: Trần Quang Vũ 0645819161

Hope to see you soon on the gala event. For any further information, please contact us at [email protected]
Kindly regards,

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